Game instructions

“Fito Fito”, play and win every day!

How to participate in the game

Fill out the “Fito Fito” slips that you may find in Lotaria Kombëtare points of sale, all over the country.


  1. How to choose the digits on the slip:

For every prediction on the slip, choose and mark four digits (one digit for each column within the same pick). Always use blue or black ballpoint pens to fill out your slip. Please mark like this and not like this .

  1. Play up to 4 predictions with one slip:

With one slip of “Fito Fito” you may play from 1 up to 4 picks, as per your desire. The price for one “Fito Fito” prediction is 50 Lekë.

  1. How to play up to 14 draws (2 weeks) with the same slip:

You can choose yourselves the desired game duration. So, you may choose to participate from 1 draw up to 14 draws, with the same slip. “Fito Fito” draw will be held every day and every day there will be announced winners.

After you choose the desired digits and game duration, hand over the slip in the point of sale. In the ticket that will be given to you, apart from your chosen digits for every pick, will be added automatically also a symbol.

So, every pick on your ticket, is comprised by the 4 digits that you have chosen on the slip as well as from the symbol assigned from the system.

Please fast and easy: “Fito Fito” quick pick from the system

You can play even faster and easier with “Fito Fito”, if you choose the quick pick from the system. In this case it will be the system that will choose all your pick or picks.

How to win up to 700,000 Lekë

Prize categories and the winning amounts for each category:

CategoryWinning Prize in Lekë
1st category: four digits + the symbol700,000
2nd category: only four digits20,000
3rd category: three last digits 1,661
4th category: two last digits 161
5th category: only the last digit 50

How to claim your prize

Winning numbers and amounts will be published on the official website; on our official Facebook page; in the points of sale or in other ways.

Prizes up to 15,000 Lekë can be retrieved in the points of sale, on the next business day, after the determination of winners has been completed. 

The major cash prizes, from 15,001 Lekë to 100,000 Lekë can be claimed on the points where major prizes are paid out. Lists of these points are available at the retail outlets as well as on our website

You can also request to receive your prize through the prize claim form (with the winning ticket attached) and send it to Lotaria Kombëtare.

Prizes exceeding 100,000 Lekë can be claimed at Lotaria Kombëtare headquarters after a one week period of objection has expired. In this case, please contact our Customer Service Center at 04 451 1000.      

Holders of “Fito Fito” tickets can claim their prizes within 90 days from the day after the respective draw date.

Very important … The ticket

As soon as you hand over the filled out slip in the point of sale, you will receive the “Fito Fito” ticket. Store the ticket carefully because only the lottery ticket serves as proof for any prize you might have won. If you don’t have the ticket, no prize will be paid to you. 


Compare the results of the “Fito Fito” draw with the picks on your ticket, for that draw. You may be winner in one of the categories of this game. Good luck!

Payment of prizes is subject to applicable withholding tax in accordance with the law.

The minimum age for participating is 18 years old.

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