Game instructions

How to be a winner

Your possibility to win millions by filling out a simple slip

All you have to do is play Loto! Predict 6 numbers out of 39, in one of the Loto pick fields. Believe in your luck and make the dreams come true.


How to mark correctly the chosen numbers


Mark 6 numbers that you choose in a pick field from 1 to 39. Use a blue or black pen. Mark with X and not x.

6 chosen numbers in one field of numbers means “one prediction”. With one lottery slip, you may play up to 12 predictions. If you like, you may ask for automatic prediction from the system, meaning that the system chooses randomly 6 numbers for you. This process is also called “Quick Pick”. You can get more information about this process of the system at the retail outlet.

The price for one Loto pick is 100 Lekë.

With Loto now 2 draws per week

Now you have the possibility to play Loto twice per week because the draw is held on Thursdays and Sundays

How to play in up to 5 draws

If you prefer, you can also play with the same prediction for up to 5 draws. Just mark the desired game duration (number of draws) on the Loto slip.

The quickest way towards millions

Participate in Loto at retail outlets

You may participate in Loto in every retail outlet where the “Lotaria Kombëtare” or ‘Loto 6 out of 39” logo is present.

How to be a winner

It’s easy: Six correct numbers in one pick field of numbers! The draw for the winning numbers of Loto, every Thursday and Sunday evening, live on TV.

• First prize category:  6 correct numbers

• Second prize category:  5 correct numbers

• Third prize category : 4 correct numbers

• Forth prize category: 3 correct numbers

• Fifth prize category: 2 correct numbers

If you have predicted 6 correct numbers, you win in the 1st prize tier (the winning sum according to the game rules + other promotional bonuses if applicable)In case of Jackpot rollover, the regular amount of the 1st prize tier will be added to the winning sum of the 1st prize tier of the following draw (according to game rules)


How to claim your prize

The winning numbers, amounts and quantity of prizes can be found published on newspapers, at retail outlets , over the Internet at as well as in our official Facebook page.

Prizes up to 15,000 Lekë can be collected at the retail outlet on the next working day, after the determination of winners has been completed.

The major cash prizes, from 15,001 Lekë to 100,000 Lekë can be claimed on the points where major prizes are paid out. Lists of these points are available at the retail outlets as well as on our website .

You can also request to receive your prize through the prize claim form (with the winning lottery ticket attached) and send it to Lotaria Kombëtare.

Prizes exceeding 100,000 Lekë can be claimed at Lotaria Kombëtare headquarters after a one week period of objection has expired. In this case, please contact our Customer Service Center at 04 451 1000.

Holders of lottery tickets can claim their prizes within 90 days from the day after the respective draw date.


Very important … The Ticket

As soon as you submit the slip with your picks at the retail outlet, you will receive the lottery ticket. Only the lottery ticket serves as proof for the prize you might have won. Store the ticket carefully. If you don’t have the lottery ticket, no prize will be paid to you.


Game rules:

Payment of prizes is subject to applicable withholding tax in accordance with the law.


The minimum age for participating in Lotaria Kombëtare games is 18 years.

The participation in games of chance may negatively impact the player’s economic situation.

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