Keno and Galaxy

KENO and Galaxy are lottery games, which can be played every 5 minutes. For all those that love to quickly know if they win, these are attractive games which also offer a margin of higher profit.

In each short, the automatic game system randomly selects 20 out of 80 numbers that are in total. To win some or all of the numbers selected by the player, they should match 20 numbers out of the lot. You can choose to play with combinations / different games: KENO 1; KENO 2; KENO 3; KENO 4; KENO 5; KENO 6; KENO 7; KENO 8; KENO 9 and 10.

Galaxy game can be played separately or along with Keno games in a single ticket. This game has a total of 18 areas where 12 fields contain numbers from 1-12 and 6 other fields contain symbols.

Galaxy game is played in series and each series consists of different lotteries. In the Galaxy game, the prize is obtained when the area or the numbers and symbols played on your ticket matches the areas or numbers and symbols that are selected in the respective lots.

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