Lottery games

National Lottery currently provides some lottery chance-based games. Lotteries are automatically casted from game systems, which are guaranteed and certified by the Gambling Surveillance Authority

“Loto 6 nga 39” is a lottery game where the player selects 6 numbers from 39. The grand prize by the first category is won when a player has correctly predicted 6 numbers. On this game prizes can also be won on other categories, when the player correctly predicts 4, 3 or only 2 correct numbers.

Lotteries of “Loto 6 nga 39” are played twice a week, every Thursday and Sunday

KENO and Galaxy are games which are played every 5 minutes. In each lottery, the system randomly selects 20 numbers from 80 that are in total. To be winner, some or all of the selected numbers by the player should match 20 numbers out of the lot.

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