Simbolet e Fatit e Re

Now your lucky symbols will bring even more luck!

The scratch ticket “Simbolet e Fatit e Re” offers even more fun and winnings, distributing more than 49 MILLION Lekë winning prizes. The main prize is 500,000 Lekë as well as many other prizes can be won immediately with this ticket.

And in plus, apart from the main game, each ticket includes also a BONUS game, for more chances to win.

 How to play:
It’s very easy:

Main Game:
Scratch the main scratching area (the big area). Reveal THREE same symbols to win the PRIZE that you will find after scratching the PRIZE BOX.

Bonus Game, for more winning possibilities:

Scratch this area, and if you reveal the symbol, you immediately win 1,000 Lekë.
If in this area you find the TV symbol, you may be eligible for promotions in media or for other extra bonus prizes, as per various notifications that Lotaria Kombëtare will announce for all the players.

The minimum age for participating is 18 years old.
For more information visit the nearest point of sale or call 04 451 1000.

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