Game instructions

Win immediately, with just one scratch off ticket!

RUBINËT” scratch ticket distributes over 25 MILLION Lekë of winning prizes in its different prize categories … and you can win immediately so easily.

• Scratch the entire scratching area. If you THREE identical NUMBERS in the same row game, you immediately win the respective PRIZE for that row (game).

• If after scratching you find the “V” symbol, then you DOUBLE the respective winning prize amount shown in that row (game).

You can win with several combinations within the same scratch ticket, giving you a lot of entertainment with 6 CHANCES to win within a single ticket. In this case, the amounts of all winning prizes & combinations are summed into a single sum and you win the total value.

The main prize is 500.000 Lekë as well as many other prices!

Over 25 million Lekë are to be distributed as winning prizes with this ticket. 1 in 4.14 scratch tickets is a winning ticket.

Number of Prizes Winning Amounts (in Lekë)Winning Odds ( 1 in …: )

The price of this scratch ticket is 100 Lekë.

The quantity of tickets for this series is: 400,000 tickets.


How to claim your prize

You can claim your prizes up to 15,000 Lekë, in the nearest point of sale.

Prizes from 15,001 Lekë up to 100,000 Lekë, can be claimed at the Centers of payment of the high prizes. You can find these addresses also in our website at

You can also make a request for claiming your prizes through filling a form (with the winning ticket attached) near Lotaria Kombëtare Company.

For prizes over 100,000 Lekë, please contact Center of Customer Care of Lotaria Kombëtare, in the following phone number: 04 451 1000.

Please see the backside of the scratch ticket to be informed for the time period during which you can claim your winning prize.


Game rules:

Payment of prizes is subject to applicable withholding tax in accordance with the law. Hence, any withholding to be made on account of any applicable taxes at source shall be withheld from the winning amounts in order to be remitted to the tax authorities in compliance with all applicable laws.

The scratch off Game rules can be found on points of sale.



The minimum age for participating in Lotaria Kombëtare games is 18 years.

The participation in games of chance may negatively impact the player’s economic situation.

For more information go to the nearest point of sale or call 04 451 1000.

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