Play MEGA CASH 777 and win immediately up to 1,000,000 Lekë

• Scratch the entire scratch field. If any of the “WINNING NUMBERS” matches any of your “NUMBERS”, then you win the relevant price shown below.

• If you find the symbol “77” in “YOUR NUMBERS”, then you double the relevant winning price (below it). If you discover the symbol “777” then you triple the respective winning prize.

• If after you scratch is discovered the Euro symbol €, then you win 1,000 ALL immediately.

You can discover some winning combinations, within the same scratch ticket, giving you so much fun and prices. In this case, all winning combination prices are collected in a single sum and you earn the total value.

The big prize is up to 1,000,000 ALL and many other prizes!

Over 33 million ALL will be distributed  from this ticket, with 1 to 3.92 scratch tickets being the winner.


The minimum age for participating in these games is 18 years.
Visit us in the point of sales, all over the country
The deadline for claiming the winning prizes of this ticket is as per the company notifications through the official website as well as in the point of sales of Lotaria Kombëtare.

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