Win immediately, with just one scratch off ticket!
“DIAMANTET” scratch ticket distributes over 65 MILLION Lekë of winning prizes in it’s different prize categories  and you can win immediately so easily.

How to play:
It’s very easy.

Scratch the entire  scratching area. If three identical numbers are discovered in the same game row, then the corresponding prize found by scratching that line is won.

– If after scratching you find the “V” symbol, then you DOUBLE the respective winning prize amount shown in that row (game).

-If after you scratch you discover symbol  , you win immediately 1,000 Lekë.

You can win with several combinations within the same scratch ticket, giving you a lot of entertainment with 8 CHANCES to win within a single ticket. In this case, the amounts of all winning prizes & combinations are summed into a single sum and you win the total value.

The main prize is 1,000,000 Lekë as well as many other prizes!

Over 65 million Lekë are to be distributed as winning prizes with this ticket.
1 in 3.76 scratch tickets is a winning ticket.

The minimum age for participating is 18 years old.
For more information visit the nearest point of sale or call 0800 0639

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