Zemra me Fat

“Zemra me Fat” – win your favorite products

Only with “Zemra me Fat” scratch tickets you may win:

  •  Smartphones, TV‘s, Laptops, Tablets – all products of the latest technology
  •  As well as different products of Lotaria Kombëtare that gives you the possibility to become millionaire, such as: Loto “6 nga 39” or “Fito Fito” game or other scratch tickets

It’s very easy! All you have to do is scratch in the respective scratching area. If you find three times the same symbol, you win that product as prize.

There are over 126,000 winning prizes in this scratch ticket – on average 1 in 4 tickets wins one of the various prizes.

“Zemra me Fat” tickets are sold in groups of two tickets. This way you can share with your loved ones the fun and the possibility to win.

Visit us in the point of sales, all over the country.

The minimum age for participating in these games is 18 years.
This ticket series has finished and the deadline for claiming the wnning prizes is 13.03.2018

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