Tornado me para

Win and participate on “TORNADO me para” TV Show on Vizion Plus TV.

Catch as much cash as you can and make the money yours.

Many chances to be entertained and to win.

1 in 2 tickets is a winning ticket, on average.

Scratch in both scratching areas. If in both these areas, you find in total three same amounts, than you win that amount in Lekë.

If you find three same symbols (as below), you immediately win that prize:

  •  Scratch tickets of 200 Lekë 200l
  •  Scratch tickets of 100 Lekë 100l
  •   Scratch tickets of 50 Lekë  50l 

And, if you find three times the same symbol with the Vizion Plus TV Show Vizion  , you win the participation in the “Tornado me Para” TV show where you can catch as much money (banknotes) as you can and make the money yours.

Visit us in the point of sales, all over the country.

The minimum age for participating in these games is 18 years.
By company decision, the deadline for claiming the winning prizes of this ticket series is 31.08.2018

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