Pista e Fatit


Have fun and win immediately up to 250,000 Lekë or many other cash prizes

  • Scratch “START” in the big scratching area where you will reveal a number. Then scratch the number that you just revealed, in order to reveal the next number to scratch until you reveal the “STOP” symbol.
  • If by scratching you complete one line; two lines; three lines; four lines; or all the lines, you win one of the corresponding prizes shown on this ticket.
  • You can DOUBLE the won prize by scratching in the small scratching area, in the ticket upper part and if you find there this symbol of Lotaria Kombëtare

55,000,000 Lekë is the total amount of all winning prizes that will be distributed with this Scratch Ticket. 

1 in 3.84 tickets on average, is a winning ticket of one of the winning prizes. 


Visit us in the point of sales, all over the country.
The minimum age for participating in these games is 18 years.
By company decision, the deadline for claiming the winning prizes of this ticket series is 31.08.2018

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