Një Det i Artë

It’s so easy to play and win up to 1,500,000 Lekë with this summer ticket.

Many chances to have fun and to win.

Game 1: Scratch in the main scratching area of „Game 1“ (Loja 1). If you find there two identical symbols within each row, then you win the respective prize for that row.

Game 2: Scratch in the „Game 2“ (Loja 2) scratching area and if you find the symbol of fish, you immediately win the respective prize that is found there.

The winning prizes in the 1st tier: 1,500,000 Lekë as well as many other prizes in the other categories.

41,475,000 Lekë is the total winnings amount that will be distributed, with very good overall odds: on average 1 in 3 tickets is a winning ticket.

Visit us in the point of sales, all over the country.

The minimum age for participating in these games is 18 years.
By company decision, the deadline for claiming the winning prizes of this ticket series is 31.08.2018.

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