Milioner for 1 Year

You may easily win up to 100,000 Lekë every month, for 1 entire year (12 months in a row)!

And what would you do if you had MILLIONS? Travelling … having fun … crazy things …?

Do whatever you want with the MILLIONS that “Millionaire for 1 year” scratch tickets give you. You can easily win one of the many winning prizes:

  • Scratch the entire scratching area. If any of the “WINNING NUMBERS” matches any of “YOUR NUMBERS”, then you win the prize that is shown below
    • In the case that one of “WINNING NUMBERS” matches “YOUR NUMBERS” and below the latter you find the symbol  , than you win the main prize: 100,000 Lekë every month, for 12 months in a row.
  • If at “YOUR NUMBERS” you find the earth globe symbol , you win double the prize shown below this symbol.

You may find several winning combinations within one scratch ticket and having this way more fun. In this case all the winning prizes, of all winning combinations, are summed up and you win the total value.

More than 32 MILLION Lekë will be distributed in winning prizes through this scratch ticket and 1 in 3.79 is a winning ticket.

The minimum age for participation is 18 years old.
Visit us in our points of sale all over the country
The deadline for claiming the winning prizes of this ticket is as per the company notifications through the official website as well as in the point of sales of Lotaria Kombëtare.

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