Scratch Tickets

Scratch Tickets from Lotaria Kombëtare

Scratches off Tickets belong to the category of instant lotteries. All you have to do is “scratch – off” in the scratching area (or areas) of the ticket, and you will immediately see if you won.

Scratch off tickets to find in the market from Lotaria Kombëtare:

DIAMANTET” – with this scratch ticket Play, Have Fun and Win the amount till 1,000,000 Lekë!

Simbolet e Fatit e Re” – with this scratch ticket your lucky symbols will bring even more luck!

Sizzling Hot” scratch ticket offers a lot of fun and winning prizes, for all the adults that are passionate about games of chances!

“Fito 500,000 Lekë” scratch ticket: Play, have fun and win immediately many prizes up to 500,000 Lekë!

“TORNADO” – Play “TORNADO” scratch ticket and BECOME a part of “FAMILJA” TV Show on Klan TV, “inside the Money Machine.

“FITO 250,000 Lekë” – Play and win immediately up to 250,000 Lekë.

“MEGA CASH 777” ” – win immediately up to 1,000.000 Lekë.

“Milioner for 1 Year” – the only ticket that gives you the possibility to win a monthly amount: 100,000 Lekë every month for 12 months in a row (1 entire year).  

“RUBINËT” – Win immediately up to 500,000 Lekë and many other prizes.

“CASH 777” – win immediately up to 500,000 Lekë.

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