Data protection

In the handling of data it is a guiding principle of Lotaria Kombëtare to take the wishes of potential and existing customers into account in respect of privacy and data protection. Special requirements regarding the protection of data, such as the general admissibility of all data processing systems, the earmarking of data collections and the demand for transparency raised by those concerned are fully taken into consideration by the company. We combining our customers’ justified desires for protection of their privacy with the company’s needs for customer-oriented marketing. It goes without saying that the principles of data protection are also essentially important when handling the employees’ personal data. Here, the same principle as in dealing with personal data of customers applies. Responsible and competent employees constitute the potential which secures a company’s position and development in the market. However, competency has to be developed in a sustainable and efficient way. This can be done by means of various qualification measures and teaching methods.

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