Responsible Games

At Lotaria Kombëtare , we place utmost importance on player protection and intentionally exceed legal requirements in our responsible Game rules, measures and programs. This applies across the board – from the courses and training we provide to our staff and sales partners in dealing with customers in responsible Game issues through to the measures we use to protect minors.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is the pathological overconsumption of gambling services. Gambling develops into an addiction when it turns into an obsession and becomes the all-consuming center of a person’s life.

Addicts invest too much time and money in gambling – to the neglect of other areas of their lives like family, hobbies and work. In a process that generally extends over a period of several years, gambling addicts ultimately increasingly lose all social contact along with their self-esteem and their self-confidence.

We are dedicated to prevention.

Lotaria Kombëtare is following the “responsible Game” route since the company was founded. We have made it our priority to actively work against the possible problems that can arise from gambling. To ensure Game remains a fun pastime for our customers, Lotaria Kombëtare has committed itself to applying appropriate restrictions, ensuring Game rules and regulations are respected, providing players with the information they need, and incorporating player protection into the development of new games or redesign of existing products.

Children and young people are not and will never be a target group for the products of Lotaria Kombëtare. With our product range, we exclusively address adults who are 18 years of age or older. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in our games. No Game products will be sold to minors under 18.

We provide information to our costumers

Lotaria Kombëtare, also provides all its sales partners with information brochures on responsible Game and requires that these be displayed at each point of sale. These brochures contain behavior guidelines for the safe use of Game products, to identify a potential risk of a gambling problem, an overview of the winning odds for all our products.

We provide intensive, lasting training.

The key to our corporate success – namely the provision of “responsible” Game products and services – lies to a large degree in the hands of our staff. Managers and employees with direct contact to our customers attend annual, specially designed courses or workshops, where they are receive training from responsible Game experts. In addition, all our staff is required to complete a compulsory online basic training course in responsible Game.

Contracts with new sales partners can only be signed after they have successfully completed our responsible Game training. In addition, all our sales partners receive further responsible Game training at least once a year from our field services staff. They also have the option of repeating our basic training course directly in the point of sale via our online terminals.

We advertise responsibly

Responsible advertising is intrinsically linked with responsible Game. Lotaria Kombëtare has always voluntarily applied the highest ethical standards in its advertising activities.

From a legislative perspective, Lotaria Kombëtare has a mandate to provide and also to market Game products and services in an efficient and responsible manner. It is therefore also our task to promote so-called “gambling literacy”. This extends both to the development of the ability of the individual to partake in different forms of gambling in a controlled and safe manner and the development of suitable forms of addressing the various target groups.

This should be achieved through informative advertising which is carefully designed to provide information yet not overly stimulate a need to gamble.

We support research results.

We are in constant exchange with international experts in the field of responsible Game and evaluate our implemented responsible Game features regularly.


Your odds of winning a first prize

The probability of picking the six correct numbers in Loto 6 out of 39 is 1: 3,262,623

Numbers correctChance to win is 1 to

All results in games of chance are determined purely at random.

Also, in order to help players who have won an extraordinarily high amount of money cope with the new situation, Lotaria Kombëtare offers the assistance of a winner’s adviser. If desired by the winners, he/she will contact them and give advice regarding the proper handling and reasonable use of the prize money. The services of our winner’s adviser are available to all winners who have won 100,000 Lekë or more.

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