Year 2016


Lotaria Kombëtare Board of Good causes

Lotaria Kombëtare Board of Good Causes, implementing the Decision of the Council of Ministers, no. 192, dated 4.3.2015, was convened on 01.07.2016 for the winning proposals announcement. In order to respect and guarantee the freedom of participation and competition; non-discrimination and equal treatment; impartiality of the review decision and prevent conflicts of interest, after reviewing all the submitted proposals, decided to announce as winners the following projects:

“Integrated support for children with disabilities in special “December 3” school, proposed by the Counseling Center and Psychological Services;

“Summer camp” for children in street situations and children of families in difficult socio-economic “, proposed by SHKEJ (National Association of Education for Life);

“Support +”, proposed by the Down Syndrome Foundation Albania;

“Promotional campaign in the fight against informality”, proposed by EDS Foundation;

The legal representatives of the winning projects are invited to appear before the Board Affairs Mira, in the premises of the Ministry of Finance on 07/13/2016, 12:00 to discuss the draft contract that will define the rights and obligations for financing.

The Board wants to thank all participants who have submitted their proposals.

Lotaria Kombëtare Good Causes board, is in compliance with the DCM No. 192, date 04/03/2015, “For the Definition of Procedures and Criteria for the selection of Projects, organizations or Events from Board of Good Causes of Lotaria Kombëtare”.

Based on this decision, this Board defines the procedures and criteria for the selection of Projects, organizations or Events, with the aim of the most effective usage of the Good Causes Fund.

Good Causes Board invites the interested subjects to present the requests for applications in the process of winning projects selection, organizations or events that will be granted funds from the Good Causes Board, for the 2016 fiscal year.

The total value of the Good Causes Fund for the winning project/s for 2016, is 7,025,566 Lekë (seven million twenty five thousand five hundred sixty six).

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