Good causes

The Board of Good Causes of Lotaria Kombëtare, following the Decision of the Council of Ministers, no 192, date 04.03.2015, is gathered on 12.06.2017 to announce the winning project-proposals.

With the aim to respect and guarantee the freedom of participation and competition; non-discrimination and equal treatment; impartiality in exploring the decision making and prevention of conflict of interest, The Board of Good causes after evaluating all received project-proposals, decided to announce the below winning projects:

  1. Project “Support me to have an independent and all-inclusive life ” proposed from the Organization NDIHMONI JETËN (Help the Life).
  2. Project “Not fighting autism, working with it” proposed from Braja & Partners.
  3. The legal representative of the winning projects, are invited to be present at the Board of Good Causes, on 05.07.2018, at 10:00 hours to discuss the draft-contract that will define the terms and conditions for the financing.
  4. This decision enters in force immediately.

The Board thanks all participants that have submitted their project proposals.

Call for project proposals for Year 2018

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