Good causes


(According the Winning Projects)

Board of Good Causes of Lotaria Kombëtare

The Board of Good Causes of Lotaria Kombëtare, following the Decision of the Council of Ministers, no 192, date 04.03.2015, is gathered today on 13.08.2020 to announce the winning project-proposals.
With the aim to respect and guarantee the freedom of participation and competition; non-discrimination and equal treatment; impartiality in exploring the decision-making and prevention of conflict of interest, The Board of Good Causes after evaluating all project-proposals received, DECIDED to announce the below winning projects:

  1. Project “Mozaik” proposed from Muza Publications;
  2. Project “Diversity is a value”: Psychoeducation for professionals and parents caring for children with disabilities and different needs “, proposed by the “Promus” Center;
  3. Project “I Can”, proposed from Ermira Shqarri;
  4. Project “Pitilushe’s Stories”, proposed from Dritare Center;
  5. Project “Providing medical and diagnostic assistance to people with chronic diseases as well as increasing the capacity and participatory role in the institutional awareness of the Network of Associations of Patients with Chronic Diseases in Albania”, proposed by the Association “Network of Associations of Patients with Chronic Diseases”;The legal representatives of the winning projects are invited to appear before the Board of Good Causes, at the premises of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, on September 4, 2020, at 11.00 to discuss the draft contract that will define the obligations and rights for financing.

This decision enters into force immediately.

The Board of Good Causes thanks all the participants who have submitted their project proposals.


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