Career plan

Human resources are one of the most important assets of our company. Every success is attributed to management, work practice and professional staff.

Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k  has 70 employees and specialists from various fields in Sales, Finance, Marketing, Legal Department, Human Resources etc.

The average age of employees is 30 years old. This figure is a clear indication of the new dynamic culture of Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k  and confidence that the company has on young people.

Recent graduates with promising prospects are already part of the company.

The company follows and applies European regulations and standards for quality management and internal procedures of the company achieving the highest standards of work.

According to policy development and evaluation of employees the company encourages individuals to improve their practices and performance.

Staff is supported to become better professionals through various training where our employees can improve their skills and knowledge through a comprehensive development plan.

Through various trainings offered by the company, we want to further strengthen skills, knowledge of each employee by increasing not only the personal integrity but also the company itself. Through comprehensive training and counseling, these new employees quickly assume true responsibility and perform qualitative work .

Having an employment policy, the company is guided by the selection of people only on the basis of merit, regardless of age, gender or other specific characteristics, especially to those who believe they can contribute to the fulfillment of the vision Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k  has.

Lotaria Kombëtare sh.p.k  is always interested in new professionals or with rich experience by offering equal opportunities for all.

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