Porta e Fatit

 “Porta e Fatit”, is a draw based game, with draws conducted and broadcasted every Sunday evening on Klan TV. Every player can participate in this game by acquiring “Porta e Fatit” tickets that are found in all points of sales that have displayed the logo of this product. 

This game offers high winning prizes: Apartments; or 1,000,000 Lekë; cars; cash prizes of 500,000 Lekë or 200,000 Lekë, etc.
On “Porta e Fatit” tickets (printed tickets) are very visible the respective winning prizes that can be won for that draw.

Minimum age for participation is 18 years old.

“Porta e Fatit” sales are stopped during summer season (from16 June 2019). Also the related TV Show “Porta e Fatit” on Klan TV, is stopped from 23 June 2019.

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