Play “TORNADO” scratch ticket and BECOME a part of “TORNADO” TV Show on Klan TV, “inside the Money Machine.  

Win as much money as you can get!

“TORNADO” is a very unique scratch ticket! It is the only ticket that not only gives you the possibility to win many cash prizes, immediately, but also the possibility to be inside the Money Machine, on “TORNADO” TV Show on Klan TV, Sundays from 20:05. You have to be agile and fast, to catch as much as possible from the money that “fly” inside the machinery, and make them yours. 

The minimum age for participating is 18 years old.
The participation in games of chance may negatively impact the player’s economic situation.
For more information visit the nearest point of sale or call 04 451 1000.

Notice: “TORNADO” TV Show will be postponed till a second notice.

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