Scratch Tickets

Scratch Tickets from Lotaria Kombëtare

Scratches off Tickets belong to the category of instant lotteries. All you have to do is “scratch – off” in the scratching area (or areas) of the ticket, and you will immediately see if you won.

Scratch off tickets to find in the market from Lotaria Kombëtare:

“CASH 777” – win immediately up to 500,000 Lekë.

“2018” – win immediately up to 1 million Lekë and many other prizes.

“Super Cash” – win immediately up to 1 million Lekë.

“Simbolet e Fatit” – win immediately up to 600,000 Lekë.

“Arka e Thesarit” – win up to 500,000 Lekë.

“Tornado me Para” – the only ticket that makes you participate at the “Tornado me Para” TV show and to enter into the Money Machine, where you can catch as much cash as you can and make it yours.

“Pista e Fatit” – win immediately up to 250,000 ALL, wound in many other awards before.

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